In this episode we discuss Pewdiepie and his response to the media hit pieces against him. We’ve also been playing the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta and give our thoughts on the game’s current state.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta

Brian and Sid have been playing the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta. It’s a massive open world, set in Bolivia, where you play a co-operative campaign to fight the Santa Blanca drug cartel. Unlike The Division, Ubisoft have taken a different approach. Instead of bullet-sponge loot drop mechanics, this game opts for a more tactical co-operative gameplay. Focusing heavily on co-op, Ubisoft proves again that they are leading in the co-operative space.

Criticisms of the game include it’s awful vehicle mechanics. The vehicles in the game are incredibly floaty and have no weight to them. Impossible to handle and work against the player rather than being more akin to Watchdogs_2’s driving. For a game that has an open world of this magnitude, vehicle travel is an incredibly important part of the gameplay and something that needs to be fixed.

Aside from that, the game is incredibly fun with friends. Playing in a 2/3/4 person group changes the dynamics of the game entirely. It’s clear that this was the focus. Playing solo, you’ll be given 3 AI buddies who are pretty much braindead at this point. If you have friends to play with, we’d recommend picking it up.


Following the recent media hit piece by the Wall Street Journal against Pewdiepie, we discuss the old media and their decline. Felix Kjellberg, commonly known as Pewdiepie, has been taking a lot of media backlash following his videos. With claims that his videos promote Anti-Semitism, it’s been gaining a lot of attention.

The Wall Street Journal published an article and video (behind a paywall) saying that his use of Nazi imagery and his anti-semitic posts were unacceptable. As the number one subscribed YouTuber with over 53 million subscribers, he has a huge audience. A number of people have come out in the middle and said that his huge audience means that he should be more responsible about what he does.

Following this, Felix released a response video apologising and call the media out on their maliciousness. As he continues with his daily uploads, he’s become more and more savage. This includes turning the Wall Street Journal and the authors into memes for mockery.

Upon closer inspection, one of the three journalists behind the original piece happened to be making the exact same anti-semitic and racist jokes in their twitter history too. This in turn prompted a massive backlash on the hypocrisy.