The No Man’s Sky debacle is so close to being over, but alas, terrible people, they linger. The Steam refunds policy is a fairly recent update, following EU law in regards to digital products. And of course, Joseph has some beef with some terrible people.

Valve’s rules clearly state that if the purchase was made within two weeks and you’ve played less than two hours of the game, you’re entitled to a refund. Recent posts on Reddit, blogs and other sites have shown that Valve seem to have been offering refunds to user with well over 14 hours, in some cases 100 hours of gameplay. Is this wrong? Joseph believes that the outrage of No Man’s Sky is unnecessary.  He takes the stance that these gamers are terrible people for their level of entitlement.

On the other hand, Sid takes the stance that maybe, these terrible people aren’t wrong and perhaps in this particular case they should be able to get a refund, to an extent.