Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is due to be released on March 3rd. But it appears that some people have already got their hands on Nintendo’s new console. With reports coming in, including photos and videos of the device being unboxed and turned on. One thing of note is that Nintendo appears to have put together a User Interface, fairly reminiscent of Android. However it looks much more usable than their previous efforts.

Nintendo’s interfaces for the Wii, Wii U and it’s other consoles have always been lacking. Never having the polish of their counterparts. Both Playstation and XBox have offered much better UI and UX on their consoles.

Following this, we think this is yet another hype piece to get Nintendo some free press before the launch of the console. It’s a standard tactic used to get any kind of news in front of potential customers and what’s better than some manufactured shenanigans?

Another piece of news that’s come to light is that purchases made in the e-Shop will be attached to accounts rather than devices. This comes as a sigh of relief for Nintendo fans, as the company hasn’t always been the most consumer friendly in this regard. Now that Nintendo are following suit and allowing users to own games regardless of device, it makes the process of owning digital games a lot easier.

Pokemon GO Update

In more Nintendo news, Niantic appears to gotten their shit together. Finally they’re now releasing 80 new Pokemon for it’s playerbase. After half a year of dodgy servers and an unprecedented influx of users across the world, it’s now releasing the next updates that’ll make the game a lot more enjoyable for it’s users.

I’m Just Playin’ News

Joseph’s back and he’s taking names! After a false letter was sent into the team in the previous episode, he’s come to clear his name. However the letter in Episode 023 appeared to be strangely prophetic.

We’re doing some changes to the podcast’s format following some great feedback that we’ve been getting from our listeners. All of us here are commuters and podcasts are our favourite pastime, as are some of our listeners. So to make it all a lot easy for the commute, we’re cutting our 3-hour long episodes in half. Everything’s a lot more structured and on top of that, we’re releasing two episodes a week!

Following the livestream, the boys are back together to discuss the announced features and imminent release of the Nintendo Switch. As one of the pinnacle moments of 2017 looms ahead, we discuss everything from pricing to the games.

We start the show as usual, with all the games that we’ve been playing. Brian’s continuing his epic challenge. With eight games down and another eight hundred and something more, it’s nice to know he’s doing more than one a day. This week’s special is Alice: Madness Returns. A dark and twisted take on the novel by Lewis Carroll, the game play is a satisfactory and violent romp through Wonderland. Joseph’s been practising his drifting skills in Absolute Drift. Growing more and more envious as the day’s go by as he watches people much better than him in replays. Sid’s moaning about how he hates platformers, yet again.

The Nintendo Switch

And to the meat of the discussion. The Nintendo Switch was announced a couple of months back and is set to release in March 2017. Preorders are already sold out in classic Nintendo fashion. Mainly through the use of artificially creating demand through not allowing units to be sold. But no matter, they reveal the cool, new features that this hybrid console has to offer.

Everything about the console, from it’s battery life, pricing and lineup is just okay. There’s nothing inherently extremely good or extremely bad about the device and what it comes with. The pricing for it’s accessories and games is egregious. Naturally, Joseph is overly excited and hyped for the release regardless. Brian won’t be purchasing at all. Sid’s on the fence. There’s no real reason for him to buy it. And no real reason not to buy it.

In our final episode for the year, the boys at I’m Just Playin’ take on the subject of Nostalgia, the Nintendo Switch and what they’re looking forward to in 2017. After what can only be described as a very strange year for pop culture, take a listen to our thoughts on 2016.

Brian’s been playing a lot of Darkest Dungeon and describes his experiences in the brutal randomness in this dungeon crawler. Joseph’s been playing a lot of Mad Max, a game that never got the recognition it deserved. As a game, it’s mechanics, themes and aesthetics are solid. However, due to it releasing so close to other open world games in that year, it got pushed aside for not being more than the others. Which is a shame because overall it’s a rewarding and fun open world action game, that nails the world of Mad Max. No-one got round to asking what Sid’s been playing and he gets salty about it later on in the show.

This episode gets heated as we discuss what 2017 will bring. The most obvious contender for biggest happening of the year is the imminent release of the Nintendo Switch. With an elusive set of specifications and a promise of home console and portable hybrid systems, it’s hard to pin down what this will bring to the industry. Nintendo in recent years, since the launch of the Wii U haven’t been fairing well and have been relying on miking nostalgia and their IP’s to keep sales up.

The Nintendo Switch needs to meet a number of criteria in order to succeed beyond the fanboys. This includes battery life, launch titles and of course, cost. An overly expensive device with poor release titles and meagre battery life is not going to help Nintendo in any way and everyone’s hoping that they pull this one of the park.

The Topic of Nostalgia

We then get into the topic of Nostalgia and how that it’s a bad thing. Nostalgia is being used to milk money straight from the pockets of consumers without providing anything meaningful towards the progress of humanity, and more importantly, video games. With a constant look to the past with remakes, reboots etc. It’s very apparent that using nostalgia is a key marketing ingredient in today’s world.

From there on, it gets really heated and you should experience it for yourself to be honest.