In the first episode of 2017, we break down all the stats of the Steam sales as found on SteamSpy. For those that don’t know SteamSpy is a website that aggregates all the stats from Steam based on ownership and they provide a rough estimate of how well games have done on Steam. It’s not perfect as Valve doesn’t provide that kind of in detail information, however, based on the number of owners over a period of time, they’re able to gauge a rough estimate.

We start the show as per usual discussing what we’ve been playing. Joesph seems to be going through the Warner Bros. game back catalogue as he’s been digging his teeth into Shadow of Mordor. It’s a great game, that was well reviewed both critically and in sales, however it was tarnished based on WB Games shady shenanigans with their undisclosed paid sponsorship on New Media. With innovations like the Nemesis System and including the Arkham Combat mechanics, it was a great game (minus the end boss battle.)

Brian’s started a new venture with Sid, with the all new Brian’s Boss Battle. A website chronicling Brian’s attempt to get through his entire Steam catalogue. As a guy who’s bought nearly 1000 games across multiple platforms, Brian spends a lot of time not playing them. After adding 30 new additions in the Steam Sales, it was time he got through each of the games in his Steam library. Throughout 2017, he’ll be playing every game in his library for at least an hour, and writing a short review on his new blog. We’re excited to see what he thinks of some classics, some favourites, the obvious bad ones and everything else in between.

Sid’s gone off the rails and decided to give Microsoft his hard earned money and play Forza Horizon 3. As someone who doesn’t care about cars or racing games in general, he’s completely hooked at how Forza Horizon 3 just makes the entire process just fun. There’s no checklist of races to win as it’s an open world where you can drive endlessly, doing races, PR stunts and/or nothing to your hearts content. Even though the Windows Store is complete trash, props have to go to the developers and Microsoft for a game that should’ve been nominated (and even won) something at the I’m Just Playin’ Game awards.

Steam Sales Numbers

Steam Sales numbers are in, courtesy of SteamSpy and it’s very interesting. The usual suspects are there, but the biggest success is that of Stardew Valley. Eric Barone has made at least $30 million from this game, which goes to show that hard work, effort and a love for what you do, it’s possible to make it. The game is fantastic all round, and being built by a sole person, makes it even more impressive.