In a topic that’s only ever remarked we discuss the effects of tribalism in the industry. In this episode, Sid and Joseph take a back seat and relax for a chilled out discussion on the effects that tribalism has and it’s place in the world.

Battlefield 1’s trailer brings out Sid’s excitement as a clear Electronic Arts appraisal happens throughout the episode. As a result, the discussion goes on to discuss Star Wars Battlefront, a controversial game at launch and it’s current state as a truly fun and underrated game in today’s climate of continued outrage. With other praise going to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Burnout Paradise and the upcoming Titanfall 2.

At Birmingham’s EliteMeet, Joseph finally got to experience the Oculus Rift in a specially built rig at the event and the discussion continues on VR’s current failings. Consequently Joseph wasn’t convinced and Sid claims to be the Messiah in his continued preaching that VR is a failure.

Due to some off topic discussion, the Sonic fandom and it’s strange proclivities in Middle America leaves Joseph confused. Warnings to anyone looking for them.

In conclusion a clickbait article on VG247 triggers Joseph with their claim.

Intro Music: Star Eater by Daniel Deluxe