It’s Joe and Sid this week as Brian has disappeared for to Michigan. In this week’s episode we decide to pack in two very important subjects that we’ve been putting off for a long while. The effects of Early Access, and it’s effects on the industry. Followed by a pretty epic rant on Star Citizen.

The show starts, as usual, with us talking about what we’ve been playing. Joseph has been getting his head round Out Of The Park Baseball, a management simulator. It’s a complex game that bores the life out of Sid. Followed by a mini review on Nintendo’s Super Mario Run and it’s merits. Sid’s been spending most of his time editing a video on 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, and only managed to get a few gaming sessions out. Mainly playing Starbound and Astroneers. The former having come out of a long term in Early Access and the latter just entering.

Which leads on to the discussion of Early Access and it’s merits. Both Joseph and Sid know and understand the merits of Early and perhaps having a game like No Man’s Sky be in a program like that at launch would have allowed Hello Games to avoid the controversy that followed and holds to this day. However a number of exploits from developers have abused the platform to milk funding from players over the years. Which has left many to be sceptical of the platform. It’s understandable that a lot of players find that Early Access is more of a problem than it is a blessing.

What’s going on at Crytek?

Which leads on to a lengthy discussion about Crytek and the recent shenanigans they’ve been involved with. The creators of the CryTek engine have been in the news as it’s been reported that their employees have yet to be paid for the last few months. Some reports claim that it’s been two months, some say five months. The fact remains that CryTek are in serious trouble, so much so, that employees are crowdfunding to sue the company.

It’s an awful turn of events considering the position and quality of products that this company has produced over the years. Creating the FarCry and Crysis franchises as well as technicaly marvels such as Ryse: Son of Rome. However, their games as of the last four or five years have seen weak sales. In addition, their engine licensing program wasn’t competing with the likes of Unity and Unreal providing a more developer friendly program.

As one of the few games developing with the CryEngine, Star Citizen is a topic we’ve been avoiding at I’m Just Playin’. Sid and Joseph discuss what’s wrong about what Cloud Imperium have been doing with the game. The game was announced and in development since 2012 and raised over $150 million from it’s fans. After only asking for $2 million and a promised release date of 2014, it’s bewildering that nothing has come about. Part of their individual crowdfunding efforts include players paying $18,000 for ships in the game. Sid argues that the leadership at Cloud Imperium is what’s wrong. As it’s clear that they’re spending time and money with nothing to show for it. With a budget rivalling that the biggest blockbuster games like GTA5 and Destiny, how has nothing come about over the years.

Which leads Sid to discuss what he’d do if he were made CEO of EA or Activision.

Promptly following this, Joseph brings up the Guardian’s list-icle of the 25 Hardest Video Games ever and the Best Games of 2016. It doesn’t need to be said, but Sid isn’t impressed at all.