After what seems like a very long week, Sid and Brian are back again, and in this episode they’re discussing the nominations for Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards 2016.

In a surprise move, Joseph has returned from his damnation to join us for a three hour episode of shenanigans. In what was planned by Sid as a method to create some interesting discussion and heat between Brian and Joseph, let’s just say it backfired. It turns out, two very different co-hosts may end up having some similarities.

The Game Awards 2016’s nominations feature a lot of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. One of the biggest releases of the year. Both Brian and Joseph feel that the game doesn’t deserve this many commendations. However, Sid does his best to explain that the Jury that are both nominating and deciding on this year’s winner are more likely to pick something like Uncharted as it’s the biggest system seller and the most overall appeasing game across anything released in 2016.

Other notable nominations include Overwatch, Blizzard’s newest game and IP aswell as Doom, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

The most interesting categorys in this year’s selection seem to be the Action, Action/Adventure, Strategy and Independant Game categories. All with strong contenders that make it hard to choose and/or decide what the final outcome will be.

In other news, Collector’s Editions of Mass Effect Andromeda no longer include an actual copy of the game. Naturally Brian and Joseph aren’t too happy at the proposition.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoy this double stuffed episode of I’m Just Playin’ and welcome back Joseph to the team.


In a topic that’s only ever remarked we discuss the effects of tribalism in the industry. In this episode, Sid and Joseph take a back seat and relax for a chilled out discussion on the effects that tribalism has and it’s place in the world.

Battlefield 1’s trailer brings out Sid’s excitement as a clear Electronic Arts appraisal happens throughout the episode. As a result, the discussion goes on to discuss Star Wars Battlefront, a controversial game at launch and it’s current state as a truly fun and underrated game in today’s climate of continued outrage. With other praise going to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Burnout Paradise and the upcoming Titanfall 2.

At Birmingham’s EliteMeet, Joseph finally got to experience the Oculus Rift in a specially built rig at the event and the discussion continues on VR’s current failings. Consequently Joseph wasn’t convinced and Sid claims to be the Messiah in his continued preaching that VR is a failure.

Due to some off topic discussion, the Sonic fandom and it’s strange proclivities in Middle America leaves Joseph confused. Warnings to anyone looking for them.

In conclusion a clickbait article on VG247 triggers Joseph with their claim.

Intro Music: Star Eater by Daniel Deluxe

Following the release of 2016’s most controversial release, No Man’s Sky, welcome to the pilot episode of I’m Just Playin’. The podcast from a couple of guys who love playing and making games, just trying to add a little colour to the conversation.

Joseph discusses the backlash that Hello Games have been receiving from angry customers. They seem to be failing to realise the technical achievement the game has accomplished. Sid on the other hand, goes into detail of it’s failings.

Should No Man’s Sky be remembered as the game that created the biggest game world thus far and commended for it’s beautiful art-style and relaxing gameplay loop. Or does the hype of having a game hyped to this magnitude, with constant coverage from the gaming press, major marketing back from Sony and misleading interviews from Sean Murray himself, make No Man’s Sky a game that will go down in history as a failure?