Joining Sid and Joseph in this episode of I’m Just Playin’ is freelance journalist Carl Anka. In this episode we discuss beautiful worlds, character creation and the worst games of all time.

Carl opens the show and telling us about his time playing the Uncharted series after picking up Uncharted 4 in the Black Friday sales. The ludonarrative dissonance of one man mowing down armies of men has been a hotly debated subject over the years in games like this. Other games mentioned include Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian.

In order to make himself feel better, Sid’s been gathering achievements on Steam through little puzzle games leading him to have 19 perfect games on the platform. In addition to playing more Watch_Dogs 2, he’s been playing 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. A Telltale style game set in the Iranian revolution. A game that delivers a strong and powerful message, however it’s gameplay and presentation deliver a lacklustre experience. The performances from the characters in the game are the only thing that keeps players invested in the game.

Joseph makes a return to the show and discusses the numerous games that he’s played. With the acquisition of a new bundle, he’s been playing Big Pharma amongst other indie titles.

In the news, the Chinese Government have made it clear that game publishers who sell loot boxes in games as micro transactions must declare possible contents and drop rates of items. This pro consumer move from a China has come as a surprise considering it’s pro-consumer ramifications. Carl and Joseph both argue that something like this could “kill the magic.”

In other news, Arizona Sunshine, a VR Zombie shooter came under fire due to it’s gating of content. Rather than the traditional DLC model, the developers chose to partner with Intel and allow only users with a 5th, 6th or 7th Generation Core i7 CPU to play. It’s never advertised that limitations are imposed within the game, it sets a precedent that worse practices are possible.

As the main topic of discussion, Carl, Joseph and Sid discuss the POC problems that come from character customisation.¬†People of Colour seem to have a hard time in creating a custom character with the limited choices in games. Carl explains the technical problems involved including the lighting, texture mapping and more that always favour lighter skin tones. One of the key issues include hair styles and why there only ever five natural hairstyles for POC’s and 30+ flowing hair styles for white characters.

To conclude the episode we go through the Guardian’s list of Worst Games Ever Made. Hilarity ensues.

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