In our first Thursday episode as part of our new efforts to double down on content, we’re discussing Bethesda’s latest news. That and what on earth is that convention smell?

Fallout 4 in VR

In a recent interview, Todd Howard discussed the progress on Fallout 4 VR. With claims that the entire game is playable in it’s entirety inside of virtual reality. This news comes hotly after Zenimax, Bethesda’s parent company, won half a billion dollars in a suit against Oculus. As one of the most popular gaming franchises, it was only a matter of time before Fallout would get the VR treatment. It’s highly possible that this could be the game that pushes VR into the mainstream.

However, we’re sceptical as usual. As far as VR goes, we’re still not sold. With such a high price point and very limiting movement, VR still appears to be a gimmick that’s not picking up steam. One of our biggest concern is movement and combat in VR. Fallout 4 is a game where you move and shoot in a very FPS style. With VR hardware very much invested in room scale and using proprietary control systems, how do these games fit in to this ecosystem? Will players be forced to fight enemies by pointing where they want to teleport around them? This has already proven to be a very unsatisfactory method of play for long term play sessions.


Sid finally gets his hands on Battlefield 1 and Sid’ Meier’s Civilization VI. The discussion continues as both Sid and Brian discuss their ongoing thoughts on the game and the additive “one more turn.” Somehow the conversation goes on to Gandhi looking like he has the Zika virus because of the Firaxis’ new art style for the game.

Brian tries to explain the complexities of grand strategy games such as Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis IV and Hearts of Iron IV and how such a complex game has any kind of audience. It’s lack of a user friendly interface and intuitive tutorials make for an incredibly tough experience for newcomers. However, they are some of the most popular games to be released, regardless of their mainstream appeal.

In the news, Hello Games have confused the internet once more because they did or did not tweet something about the game being a mistake. It’s tough to say and it’s briefly swept under the rug. There’s a ban on that game in the I’m Just Playin’ podcast. Continuing on the trend of disappointment, Rockstar have made no allusions to Red Dead Redemption or it’s newly announced sequel coming to PC. As one of the biggest developers of games in the world, the PC platform has proven time and again that it’s one of the strongest marketplaces for their games to have it’s place. It seems like there maybe a delayed release. Who knows?

Bethesda recently announced that they’ll only be sending out review copies of their games the day before release. Amongst game reviewers, it’s caused an outcry as they will no longer be able to deliver a solid review of the game prior to launch. Consequently Brian has taken their side and believes that Bethesda are doing that shady thing that no-one likes. However, as always Sid is hailing corporate and believe that this is the future of the medium. With Twitch and YouTube being more accurate representations of the game, it’s players and actual experience of a game, traditional games media has no place in the future of this industry.

And in conclusion, Sid and Brian discuss Billion Dollar Ideas. What ideas do you think would generate a billion dollars in gaming. As so many mistakes being made, what could be done that changes the world as we know it and create an instant success?