In this episode of I’m Just Playin’ we take on the difficult topic of Steam Support and it’s utter abysmal system.

As always, we begin our episode with the games that we’re playing this week. After a long time of waiting, Sid’s anticipation for the newly released Urban Empire became a massive disappointment. It’s themes, ideas, mechanics and fidelity are great. However, when all combined, it is an extremely dull and unrewarding experience where you’re sitting around waiting for things to happen.

We’d love to get your feedback on the show. If you have a few minutes to give us your thoughts, we’d really appreciate it.

Take Survery

Joe’s been playing Broforce whilst he’s been ill. Easily one of the best platformers in recent history. Taking the best parts of nostalgia, classic platforming and then bringing it into the modern era. Excellent humour, intense gameplay and a never ending barage of explosions and ridiculousness, Broforce is one of Devolver Digital’s best.

Brian’s been continuing his ongoing challenge and actually played Alien: Isolation. A game which the other hosts absolutely refuse to play anymore. An incredible game that truly captures the spirit and ideas behind the Alien franchise. Now that Brian’s done his mandatory time with the game, he too will never return.

And then comes the bulk of the discussion. Steam is under fire, this time from ESPN and a very strange article about the CSGO gambling problem that young people have been encountering. With interviews from young players who have developed an addition to gambling on these sites. The article paints a surprisingly positive light on CSGO Lotto owners Trevor Martin and Tom Cassell. Furthermore, Valve appear to be taking most of the blame in this editorial.

Which leads us to Steam and their absymal support system. We discuss the pitfalls and the impossibility of Valve creating a system that inherently fits their culture as a company and how they operate but still provides a solid support system to the players.