News & Updates

So, we’ve been at this podcast thing for over six months now which is an incredible achievement for all of us. We’ve delivered a 120-180 minute episode every week in that space of time and it’s been incredible. When we set out on this journey, we didn’t know what to expect or who would even listen. In fact, we still don’t know, but according to the stats, a fair enough number of you do and we’re incredibly grateful.

We want to make the I’m Just Playin’ podcast something that’s easy to digest and fun to listen to. Just like most of our listeners, we listen to our favourite podcasts when we’re commuting. Some of us have half hour commutes, and some four times that. And we don’t to take up all your time, so we’re cutting down the length of the podcast.

90 Minute Episodes

When we’re recording, we take about 3-4 hours every Saturday to record everything we’ve got in all it’s glory. Most of it gets to stay in, with the occasional edit here and there. But we usually keep it to under three hours. It gave us plenty of time to talk about the week’s news, what we’ve been playing and our thoughts on what’s going on in the industry. As well as take a hard dump on the each other.

We’ve decided that we’re going to structure our episodes better, and to cut them in half. We like talking in depth on these topics, especially as we usually have three differing opinions on matters. We’re a diverse group and that’s what’s important to us; contrasting and conflicting opinions about the worlds that we love.

For the next few months we’re going to trying out episodes at a 90 minute length. Half of which will be spent on the games that we’ve been playing and things around them, and the other on one or two news topics. There’s usually a lot of fluff news here and there and we want to cut that out and talk about topics that actually matter.

Twice the podcast

Which leads me on to the news that we’re going to be doubling our output. During this time of shorter episodes, we can’t keep all this comedy to ourselves and limit it to ninety minutes. So, we’re releasing two episodes a week! The first will come out on Monday as we’ve always done. It’ll be uploaded to SoundCloud as per usual and then syndicated as soon as wherever you enjoy listening to picks it up.

The second episode of the week will be recorded and edited at the same time as the Monday episode, but will be released on Thursday’s. Or Wednesday’s. We’re going to test what day works best for our listeners. But in the meantime, you can rest assured that we’ve got exactly the same amount of podcast, just split into more digestive sizes.

To put it simply, the I’m Just Playin’ podcast is going on a short hiatus. Not a for long, it’s literally just going to be a week.

The primary reason is that my grandfather is in his last days. In this time, I’m not going to be able to produce this week’s podcast on it’s regular schedule. It’s not something I’m happy with because consistency is important to me, but some situations can’t be escaped.

We’ve had a very good run so far. Being the new kids of the block, it’s hard to generate interest in a field we know very little about. We’ve worked hard to learn everything we can about this medium. We’ve put a lot of time and money into this. Doing everything we can to deliver the best possible product. The journey so far has been incredibly rewarding.

It’s at this time, I have to sadly say, that for the foreseeable future, Joseph will not be hosting the show. Due to circumstances out of our control, he’s going to be stepping down from his duties as Lead Host of the show. We’re hoping in the near future, he’ll be able to rejoin us and continue his great work.

Following the hiatus, I’ll be hosting the show and continuing on his place. I’m not the best of speakers and I hope that I can be as entertaining and charismatic as Joseph has been. Knowing me, I’ll probably find a friend to help me through this because I’m terrible at doing things on my own.

Joseph, I’m wishing you all the best and hope you come back soon to take back your place.