Sid finally gets his hands on Battlefield 1 and Sid’ Meier’s Civilization VI. The discussion continues as both Sid and Brian discuss their ongoing thoughts on the game and the additive “one more turn.” Somehow the conversation goes on to Gandhi looking like he has the Zika virus because of the Firaxis’ new art style for the game.

Brian tries to explain the complexities of grand strategy games such as Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis IV and Hearts of Iron IV and how such a complex game has any kind of audience. It’s lack of a user friendly interface and intuitive tutorials make for an incredibly tough experience for newcomers. However, they are some of the most popular games to be released, regardless of their mainstream appeal.

In the news, Hello Games have confused the internet once more because they did or did not tweet something about the game being a mistake. It’s tough to say and it’s briefly swept under the rug. There’s a ban on that game in the I’m Just Playin’ podcast. Continuing on the trend of disappointment, Rockstar have made no allusions to Red Dead Redemption or it’s newly announced sequel coming to PC. As one of the biggest developers of games in the world, the PC platform has proven time and again that it’s one of the strongest marketplaces for their games to have it’s place. It seems like there maybe a delayed release. Who knows?

Bethesda recently announced that they’ll only be sending out review copies of their games the day before release. Amongst game reviewers, it’s caused an outcry as they will no longer be able to deliver a solid review of the game prior to launch. Consequently Brian has taken their side and believes that Bethesda are doing that shady thing that no-one likes. However, as always Sid is hailing corporate and believe that this is the future of the medium. With Twitch and YouTube being more accurate representations of the game, it’s players and actual experience of a game, traditional games media has no place in the future of this industry.

And in conclusion, Sid and Brian discuss Billion Dollar Ideas. What ideas do you think would generate a billion dollars in gaming. As so many mistakes being made, what could be done that changes the world as we know it and create an instant success?


Following a short hiatus, the I’m Just Playin’ podcast would like to bring a warm welcome to Brian who’ll be serving as co-host on the show. In his first episode, Sid and Brian discuss gaming communities and their inner workings.

Forums, clans and guilds have existed long before the internet, however with the boom of the internet, thousands of communities have sprung up. Forming around franchises, entire companies and genres, these groups are the backbone of multiplayer gaming. Users from all over the world converge on TeamSpeak and Ventrilo servers and more recently, Discord. Brian takes us down memory lane about his first encounters in communities in Star War Galaxies and World of Warcraft and the people he met. Sid discusses his teenage years in Sims 2 forums.

The Winter season is upon us and some of 2016’s biggest AAA releases are already hitting store shelves. Brian discusses his first few hours into Civilization VI and Battlefield 1. In addition, Sid talks about his resurgence into Rocket League, 2015’s sleeper hit.


In this week’s episode Joseph gets a new lease of life after he triggers Sid’s short but volatile rant on games journalism and it’s irrelevance in the modern era. Following the backlash Mike Mahardy at Gamespot got for his favourable review of Gears of War 4. Fanboys of the franchise did as all fanboys do and create a shitstorm around it. Joseph, as always, delivers a monologue of why this is stupid. Whereas Sid explains that a scoring system and games journalism is just an irrelevant and dying medium that just doesn’t work anymore.

In the slippery slope, we discuss our ideal game lengths and why that is so. The circumstances of life, such as families, friendships, work and other commitments, for gamers. Especially for those that were born in the 80’s and who had grown an identity with games as their primary form of entertainment.

A large subset of the community believes that a games value is inherently tied to it’s length. With games like The Order 1886, an example of high quality production and poor length is a bad choice because of it’s lacklustre mechanics and zero replayability. Sid argues that Hitman is easily one of the best games to come out this year, regardless of the relatively bad reception that the media has been giving it. As a game it provides a complete experience with each play through but provides enough value for money, replay value and continued support with updates in it’s episodic format.

We’re also incredibly excited to be playing Mafia 3, just for it’s historic place as a AAA game where you play as a person of colour and get to shoot members of the KKK in the face. Shout out to 2K games.

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In a topic that’s only ever remarked we discuss the effects of tribalism in the industry. In this episode, Sid and Joseph take a back seat and relax for a chilled out discussion on the effects that tribalism has and it’s place in the world.

Battlefield 1’s trailer brings out Sid’s excitement as a clear Electronic Arts appraisal happens throughout the episode. As a result, the discussion goes on to discuss Star Wars Battlefront, a controversial game at launch and it’s current state as a truly fun and underrated game in today’s climate of continued outrage. With other praise going to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Burnout Paradise and the upcoming Titanfall 2.

At Birmingham’s EliteMeet, Joseph finally got to experience the Oculus Rift in a specially built rig at the event and the discussion continues on VR’s current failings. Consequently Joseph wasn’t convinced and Sid claims to be the Messiah in his continued preaching that VR is a failure.

Due to some off topic discussion, the Sonic fandom and it’s strange proclivities in Middle America leaves Joseph confused. Warnings to anyone looking for them.

In conclusion a clickbait article on VG247 triggers Joseph with their claim.

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Things get heated at the IJP HQ when Joseph takes the bait. Following on from a week of fluff news, this week Digital Homicide decide to go batshit insane when they attempt to subpoena Valve. The subpoena requested the identities of 100 Steam users who left negative reviews on their games. Attempting, and failing, to take an objective stance, Sid and Joseph discuss the ramifications, ethics and absurdity that comes from the developer of critical and technical flops such as Assault on Xarturz and Attrition Nuclear Domination.

We also discuss Ubisoft, and even they though they do get a bad wrap following 2014’s abysmal year, and their cringy writing and publicity stunts including the upcoming Watch_Dogs 2 and their attempts to appeal to the millennial mindset through the eyes of a balding Gen-Xer.

And then of course, there’s the controversy with Hello Games yet again. After finally admitting that No Man’s Sky was indeed a bait and switch, Joseph (out of spite) defends Hello Games and the current ordeal whereby they haven’t made any information public since launch. Has Sean Murray and the team quit and run, leaving gamers with a sub-par game? Why have they released updates and patches but not informed anyone what is actually in them in the patch notes as per the industry standard? It’s a heated discussion and Joseph gets passionate once again that perhaps we should give Hello Games a break from the dog-piling and consistent outrage on what can only be described as 2016’s most controversial title.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and what you think. Feel free to Tweet, Facebook, Email, Comment anywhere we’re online. We’d love to know what you think on any of the topics.

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What an episode. With Joseph and Sid evidently having no more fucks left to give, it can only get better from here. After a week of candy floss in gaming news, Sid and Joseph discuss whether or not VR is a viable enough platform and the fallout of #NationalVideoGamesDay.

Sid makes a bold prediction and calls out VR as an industry. The early adopters of VR seem to have been shafted, with no complete games on the market. As wonderful and immersive Virtual Reality may possibly be, there’s nothing making the purchase worthwhile. With the only things on sale being glorified tech demos with low production quality from indie developers, is there any reason to buy in? The biggest problem VR has is it’s ridiculous barrier to entry. Purchasing headsets, having the space to use it. Furthermore, buying a top of the line PC that can actually run VR costs twice as much as the actual display. This leads us to ask; is paying premiums on everything with nothing to show for it after release worth it?

Joseph goes HAM yet again on Ian Miles Cheong, amongst others. Surrounding the escapades on National Video Games Day on Twitter. As we call know, Joseph is the Cardinal of rants and said his part on the matter.

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Now that  The Game That Will Never Be Discussed Again has been left behind, Joseph and Sid turn their discussion to three major stories. Feauring shady people doing that shady shit no-one likes.

Our first shady people are another indie developer has decided to poison the well. Studio Wildcard have released Downloadable Content for their Early Access game ARK: Survival Evolved. A notoriously poorly optimised survival/crafting game that regularly tops the Steam charts. As a favourite amongst YouTubers and the Survival/Crafting community, Wildcard have received major backlash as they released the Scorched Earth DLC, an already controversial topic of debate, to users for a game that is very much unfinished.

The launch of Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro and Playstation 4 Slim has left many wondering why it even existed. Are the specifications of the device enough to compete truly against PC Gaming, as claimed? Or is this reactionary towards Microsoft’s new XBox One S and Project Scorpio? It’s biggest selling point is the ability to playback 4K video, however a major problem with the device is it’s lack of a 4K Blu-Ray player in favour of 4K streaming content instead. Also, what’s up with the design?

In other news, patent troll British Telecom have decided to sue Valve for infringing on four of it’s vaguest patents in order to cash in on Steam’s success as a platform. Does BT have a horse in this race and why would they try to pick on Valve instead of significantly bigger platforms like Twitch, iTunes, Spotify, Facebook or even Virgin Media for that matter?

You may also like our nostalgia with the design changes over classic consoles. Good times.

The No Man’s Sky debacle is so close to being over, but alas, terrible people, they linger. The Steam refunds policy is a fairly recent update, following EU law in regards to digital products. And of course, Joseph has some beef with some terrible people.

Valve’s rules clearly state that if the purchase was made within two weeks and you’ve played less than two hours of the game, you’re entitled to a refund. Recent posts on Reddit, blogs and other sites have shown that Valve seem to have been offering refunds to user with well over 14 hours, in some cases 100 hours of gameplay. Is this wrong? Joseph believes that the outrage of No Man’s Sky is unnecessary.  He takes the stance that these gamers are terrible people for their level of entitlement.

On the other hand, Sid takes the stance that maybe, these terrible people aren’t wrong and perhaps in this particular case they should be able to get a refund, to an extent.


Following the release of 2016’s most controversial release, No Man’s Sky, welcome to the pilot episode of I’m Just Playin’. The podcast from a couple of guys who love playing and making games, just trying to add a little colour to the conversation.

Joseph discusses the backlash that Hello Games have been receiving from angry customers. They seem to be failing to realise the technical achievement the game has accomplished. Sid on the other hand, goes into detail of it’s failings.

Should No Man’s Sky be remembered as the game that created the biggest game world thus far and commended for it’s beautiful art-style and relaxing gameplay loop. Or does the hype of having a game hyped to this magnitude, with constant coverage from the gaming press, major marketing back from Sony and misleading interviews from Sean Murray himself, make No Man’s Sky a game that will go down in history as a failure?