Multiplayer games are arguably the most popular games out right now. Playing games is more fun social, but with multiplayer only games, there’s plenty of backlash against developers for not including a single-player campaign.

For Honor

Following on from last week, we’re talking more about For Honor. Now that it’s been out, one of the biggest problems that the game faces is it’s netcode. Using a P2P method, it’s open to attacks, cheating and hacking as seen in multiple videos on YouTube. Connectivity problems when players leave the game and exploiting the games online functions are causing a wide array of problems.

Besides that, the best parts of the game are it’s honorable encounters in 1v1 and 2v2 game modes. Players have had more fun and entertainment through these modes rather than the clusterfuck that is the Dominion.¬†There’s a clear split in the community between the core game mode and the death matches.

Do Multiplayer Games need Singleplayer?

Which leads us on to the singleplayer campaign. It’s a mode in the game that can be described as a glorified tutorial. Featuring vignettes in the style of Battlefield 1 of an ongoing battle against an evil Warrior God. The campaign is weak and uninteresting and just plain forgettable.

We discuss how For Honor’s tacked on singleplayer campaign is weak and a waste of time and money. Where the budget was wasted on this, could’ve been better spent on dedicated servers for the multiplayer, enabling the core game to have a much better experience.

Singleplayer focused games have also had tacked on multiplayer. Where some have been pretty good in all fairness, however most are utter trash.

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