It’s been an interesting week for gaming news. This week’s hit list includes Mass Effect Andromeda, the partnership between Marvel and Square Enix and a solid roasting.

Enter The Gungeon released the new Supply Drop Update and Joe’s been testing that out. Devolver Digital have proven again that their devotion to delivering quality games is second to none. Enter The Gungeon is a gun-themed rogue-like in the style of Binding of Isaac but not. A difficult, but well optimised and skill based dungeon-crawling challenge.

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In this week’s news:


Leslie Benzies, after departing from Rockstar, has formed Square Peg Games who are developing a new title called Everywhere. It claims to be “A video game that simulates and fuses the real world with the virtual. Live your own stories as you live in ours.” Which basically means nothing at this point. In comparison, games like Death Stranding are similar in their vague marketing, attempting to generate hype through confusion. Needless to say this didn’t work out the last time with No Man’s Sky. However, we’re more than happy to wait and see.

Apocalypse Now

For some reason, Apocalypse Now is being adapted into a video game. It comes with the blessing of Director of the original film, Francis Ford Coppola. Apocalypse Now is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, it’s a wonder why anyone would be interested in such a game. The original Heart of Darkness, the inspiration behind Apocalypse Now, has already been adapted into the controversial Spec Ops: The Line. A game that provided a strong counter point at the height of the Modern Military Shooter genre. Currently the game has yet to reach it’s crowdfunding goal.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Next in the Mass Effect series, following the incredibly successful original Trilogy is Andromeda. Powered by the Frostbyte engine, developed by Bioware with a whole new cast of characters in a new galaxy. However, it appears and feels like no-one really cares that the game is coming out. Historically, the game series has been one of the pinnacle points in storytelling in video games. It’s a huge cultural phenomenon and it’s ending lives in infamy. Joseph speculates that the hype train disaster left by No Man’s Sky has finally made players more cautious about what they invest themselves into.

The Avengers Project

Square Enix have teamed up with Marvel and announced that they’ll be releasing a series of games on The Avengers. With development being pulled in from Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, it’s interesting to speculate as to what kind of game they’ll be developing. With Tomb Raider and Deus Ex as their flagship titles, the two development studios may go for the same formula. Something cinematic, linear and action orientated. However, Sid speculates that this may be an opportunity to take the Overwatch gameplay mechanics and apply it to a property, like the Avengers, and compete directly in that space.


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