Following the livestream, the boys are back together to discuss the announced features and imminent release of the Nintendo Switch. As one of the pinnacle moments of 2017 looms ahead, we discuss everything from pricing to the games.

We start the show as usual, with all the games that we’ve been playing. Brian’s continuing his epic challenge. With eight games down and another eight hundred and something more, it’s nice to know he’s doing more than one a day. This week’s special is Alice: Madness Returns. A dark and twisted take on the novel by Lewis Carroll, the game play is a satisfactory and violent romp through Wonderland. Joseph’s been practising his drifting skills in Absolute Drift. Growing more and more envious as the day’s go by as he watches people much better than him in replays. Sid’s moaning about how he hates platformers, yet again.

The Nintendo Switch

And to the meat of the discussion. The Nintendo Switch was announced a couple of months back and is set to release in March 2017. Preorders are already sold out in classic Nintendo fashion. Mainly through the use of artificially creating demand through not allowing units to be sold. But no matter, they reveal the cool, new features that this hybrid console has to offer.

Everything about the console, from it’s battery life, pricing and lineup is just okay. There’s nothing inherently extremely good or extremely bad about the device and what it comes with. The pricing for it’s accessories and games is egregious. Naturally, Joseph is overly excited and hyped for the release regardless. Brian won’t be purchasing at all. Sid’s on the fence. There’s no real reason for him to buy it. And no real reason not to buy it.

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