In the 10th episode of I’m Just Playin’, Brian and Sid sit down to discuss the games they’ve played and a few shenanigans in the world of gaming including a speculated hostile takeover of CD Projekt Red.

The developer/publisher/overall good guys from Poland, are seen as the last bastion of developers in the world. Their business model and games are world renowned as some of the best. Their policy on DLC and DRM puts all their competitors to shame. With the news that a shareholders meeting discussing the buying back of their own shares, rumour has it that CDPR may be facing a hostile takeover. Speculation on whether it’s Disney, Tencent or EA are rampant. Which has¬†gaming communities sitting on the edge of their seats. Sid believes this is all just speculation and that CDPR are simply trying to strengthen their company and take the Valve route by making sure that they have complete ownership of their games and platforms.

Brian’s been playing a lot of Cities: Skylines lately and they both discuss their opinions on the game and it’s merits. Sid points out that the expansion packs being released appear to be just glorified mods.

After what feels like an eternity Blizzard have finally revealed Sombra. After months of an overly long ARG across the internet, Sombra was revealed at Blizzcon 2016. The reveal came with a new film featuring Widowmaker and Reaper as they try to kill the leader of Volskya Industries. Sid and Brian discuss their dissappointment in Overwatch following a somewhat dull follow up to one of the year’s biggest releases. With only 2 new characters, one map and two events, Overwatch hasn’t been catering to players as much as what seems to be intended.

In conclusion, Sid goes out of his way to trigger Brian in a series of choices that upsets him.

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