Things get heated at the IJP HQ when Joseph takes the bait. Following on from a week of fluff news, this week Digital Homicide decide to go batshit insane when they attempt to subpoena Valve. The subpoena requested the identities of 100 Steam users who left negative reviews on their games. Attempting, and failing, to take an objective stance, Sid and Joseph discuss the ramifications, ethics and absurdity that comes from the developer of critical and technical flops such as Assault on Xarturz and Attrition Nuclear Domination.

We also discuss Ubisoft, and even they though they do get a bad wrap following 2014’s abysmal year, and their cringy writing and publicity stunts including the upcoming Watch_Dogs 2 and their attempts to appeal to the millennial mindset through the eyes of a balding Gen-Xer.

And then of course, there’s the controversy with Hello Games yet again. After finally admitting that No Man’s Sky was indeed a bait and switch, Joseph (out of spite) defends Hello Games and the current ordeal whereby they haven’t made any information public since launch. Has Sean Murray and the team quit and run, leaving gamers with a sub-par game? Why have they released updates and patches but not informed anyone what is actually in them in the patch notes as per the industry standard? It’s a heated discussion and Joseph gets passionate once again that perhaps we should give Hello Games a break from the dog-piling and consistent outrage on what can only be described as 2016’s most controversial title.

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Intro music: Super Mario 64 File Select (Hip-Hop Remix) (Prod. By Krys$hun)


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