What an episode. With Joseph and Sid evidently having no more fucks left to give, it can only get better from here. After a week of candy floss in gaming news, Sid and Joseph discuss whether or not VR is a viable enough platform and the fallout of #NationalVideoGamesDay.

Sid makes a bold prediction and calls out VR as an industry. The early adopters of VR seem to have been shafted, with no complete games on the market. As wonderful and immersive Virtual Reality may possibly be, there’s nothing making the purchase worthwhile. With the only things on sale being glorified tech demos with low production quality from indie developers, is there any reason to buy in? The biggest problem VR has is it’s ridiculous barrier to entry. Purchasing headsets, having the space to use it. Furthermore, buying a top of the line PC that can actually run VR costs twice as much as the actual display. This leads us to ask; is paying premiums on everything with nothing to show for it after release worth it?

Joseph goes HAM yet again on Ian Miles Cheong, amongst others. Surrounding the escapades on National Video Games Day on Twitter. As we call know, Joseph is the Cardinal of rants and said his part on the matter.

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